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About Load Latch

Geoff Lambousis, Product Developer/Owner, was a contractor for 15 years in the Atlanta area prior to the evolvement of the Load Latch® products.  Before and after receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Construction from Southern Polytechnic State University in 1999, he was a remodeling and additions contractor. His love for construction and problem solving, along with his entrepreneurial mindset, are what led him to develop the first three products that Load Latch Company is built around. After building the first prototypes and sharing them with family, Geoff realized the significance and potential of his idea. Geoff, along with other family members, invested in the construction of several professional prototypes and exhibited their idea at an industry trade show. This trade show was Load Latch Company’s debut and it turned out to be an incredible success.

Jenny Mooney, Financial Administrator/Owner,
received a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from the University of Florida in 1995. Upon graduation Jenny began working with the UF Athletic Association. Originally a Staff Assistant, Jenny worked her way up to Manager, and eventually to Asst. Director of Sportshop Operations.  Although Jenny loved her time with the Gators, she had realized her longtime goal to be self-employed.  When her brother Geoff presented his new products, it was obvious that this was the opportunity she had been waiting for. Jenny's extensive knowledge in all facets of retail sales and related accounting, along with Geoff's innovative product ideas, led to a decision to move forward with Load Latch Company, LLC.

Ron Hollifield, National Sales Manager, received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of West Georgia in 1972. He has had a 30-plus year career in the consumer packaged goods industry. He spent 13 years with M&M/MARS in a variety of positions. His last position was Regional National Account’s Manager. He recently retired from The Hershey Company after 16 years. His last assignment was National Broker Coordinator for all domestic sales. When Geoff presented his product to Ron, he immediately climbed on board. Ron’s extensive sales career makes him an invaluable addition to The Load Latch Company.

George Lambousis, Operations Consultant, is a 33 year veteran of the IBM Corporation with various areas of responsibility during his career.  He joined the business as a Customer Engineer and ended his technical phase as a Technical Specialist with Client responsibility throughout the Southeast and North America.  Client satisfaction and business controls was his next assignment at which time he became a certified ISO 9001 Quality System Auditor serving a Technical Support division within IBM with locations all over the United States.  Presently, George manages a 175 member remote technical support center that provides customer phone support for the United States geography. Client satisfaction and business quality and controls are his primary focus.  George provides client relationship and quality business practices support in his role as Operations Consultant.

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internationally patent pending

Load Latch Company, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of a variety of innovative products that create a new market segment in the automotive accessories industry. The initial three products provide a solution to the everyday problem of safely securing building materials in pick-up trucks in a way that is quick and easy.

Geoff Lambousis and Jenny Mooney founded Load Latch Company, LLC in January of 2006. The idea of the Load Latch® came to Geoff after he nearly lost a load of supplies and materials while driving up a steep incline on his way to work. Upon his invention of Load Latch®, Geoff was inspired to find a more universal configuration of the device. Thus, the Gap Strap® was developed. The Y-Strap® came shortly after, enabling the Load Latch Company to have a product available for any truck on the road.

Load Latch Company’s goal is to provide quality material restraint devices to the marketplace in order to facilitate a safer and easier method for transporting building materials. The uniqueness of our products makes them adaptable for anyone—do-it-yourself homeowners and contractors alike. Unsecured loads are a serious danger on the road.  Load Latch Company provides the necessary tools to solve this in an easy-to-use, affordable manner.

All Load Latch® products are internationally patent pending.