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Gap Strap

Gap Strap™

Secure any building materials that extend beyond the rear of your truck with one easy strap.  The Gap Strap® is a universal restraint device that can securely hold sheets of material, individual boards, and many other supplies.  It is an endless loop ratchet strap that incorporates two interlocking blocks.  The blocks adjust to the bottom corners of the loaded material as the strap securely bundles the materials together.  This single strap keeps all materials from sliding out of the rear of the truck.

Gap Strap™

Legal Disclaimers:

1.       Do no use if the product is damaged, worn or frayed.

2.       Product is intended to keep load from exiting rear of vehicle during normal operating conditions.  Product damage and/or material damage may result from unsafe driving practices.

3.       Working load is 500 lbs.  Breaking strength is 1500 lbs.

4.       Load Latch Company, LLC is only liable for material and/or workmanship defects and is limited to the purchase price of the product.


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Place the Gap Strap® in the gap between the lowered tailgate and the truck bed.

2. Load building materials in a uniform stack.

Ratchet the strap securely over materials.

4.Drive carefully to your destination.

5.To unload, open the ratchet 180° to release strap.


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